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If you are a female aged 18 years or over, you may be suitable to work as an escort. For girls who are based in Birmingham or anywhere within the midlands, we have escort agency vacancies for adult work. You can become an escort and be represented by the number one adult service provider. We are an established and experienced escort agency, recruiting high class escorts for VIP clientele. If you are selected to become an escort, an immediate start is available with high earning potential. Due to popular demand, we are recruiting! If you are an experienced escort, or new to the industry, do not miss this opportunity to start a new and exciting career as a high-class escort!


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Working as an escort

There are many things that a girl needs to consider and evaluate before they apply for an escort job. Emotionally, physically, socially and financially. However, there are many benefits with escort jobs! The best things about an escort job is the high-income potential. With flexible working schedules, escorts have the freedom to work part time, full time or weekends. With such a large hourly rate, an escort can work around another job, family commitments or university studies and still earn a large weekly wage. There is no waiting until the end of the month for a pay slip. Money is paid directly to the escort at the start of each booking. Working with an escort agency ensures safety and security. We have measures in place that prevents anyone from knowing your real identity. Faces and tattoos can be blurred on photographs for the purpose of the website. We have security drivers available to discretely take girls to and from appointments.

Not every applicant has what it takes to become a VIP escort. The role of an escort requires hard work and dedication within a competitive industry. There are certain qualities, characteristics and attributes needed to work as an escort. Physically, a professional companion should be overall attractive. A pretty face, a good body, suitable clothing and lingerie, styled hair and feminine nails. An effort can be made to improve a girl´s looks. This can be nail extensions, eyelash extensions, spray tans and investing in her appearance.

Become a High Class escort

What is required most importantly to become a high class escort are all the superlatives! We require friendly, confident and versatile females who can adjust and mould themselves perfectly within different situations. With such a varying type of clientele, situations and locations, every booking is completely different. You will be meeting clients who differ in age, nationality, heritage, culture, religion, opinions, wealth, status and personalities. You may be required for a dinner date with a celebrity, you may be asked to be a party companion with a young client, or you may be asked to join a lonely client for intimacy in a hotel room. But you will need to be able to impress them all individually. This will require 100% dedication and commitment to satisfying their wants, needs and desires. That is not to state that you must do something that you do not want to do, or that you are uncomfortable with! But an escort´s satisfaction is of secondary value because the client is paying. The aim is for a client to feel completely satisfied, so that he or she makes a return visit and leaves a good review. Thus, making escort work in the long term much easier because you will have gained regular clients of whom you have a connection with. You will not always have clients that you are physically attracted to, but you need to be an actress, so he is made to feel the most attractive person in the West Midlands. Giving your full focus and attention with a flirty attitude.

How to apply for high class escort jobs

If you would like to apply for a high class escort job, please send clear, recent photographs with information about your statistics. From this, we can decide whether you are physically suitable as an escort and arrange an interview to get to know you personally. So, at this stage, we congratulate you! You are at the interview stage as we feel you have the potential to become a VIP escort! We recommend that you wear clothing that you would wear for any other type of interview. Classy clothing, or business-like attire that presents yourself at your best, most amazing and most feminine. The way you present and conduct yourself during a face to face interview, allows our recruitment team to identify how you will be with clients who are also at first, strangers. You will be building a rapport and making a personal connection with your interviewer. So, make a great impression! If you need alcohol or drugs to calm your nerves for an escort interview, then this is not the job for you!

Be on time for your escort job interview. Reliability and good time keeping skills are an essential part of the job. The key to joining a successful escort agency is to project confidence. Focus on your communication skills in particular, as speaking clearly and concisely is an asset to meeting clients. Discussing any previous escort experience or expressing your enjoyment of one-night stands, sells yourself and your skills. Other skills such as massages, social care work, psychology, customer services are also relevant and important to the position, if you have them. Discuss your experience and what makes you a great fit for the escort job. Portray body language, eye contact and smile, just like you would be expected to with a client. Minus the flirting, body contact and affection. You will be asked if you have any questions for the recruitment team, so you have a full understanding of what an escort job entails. Bring a pen and paper to write any details down, that you may need to refer to at a later date.

If you are successful and the recruitment team believes you will be an asset to the escort agency, you will be given a job as a VIP escort. Together you will write a profile about the escort services you are happy to provide. Which will be advertised on the website. Intimate services are always subject to personal hygiene. You can use temporary photographs to get started and a professional photo shoot will be arranged for a convenient time and date. Enjoy your own free time, whilst our receptionists take bookings for the days and hours you are available and want to work. Once you have passed the initial learning stage, the job gets easier. Watch your confidence and your bank balance grow! Giving you the finances to enjoy the finer things in life on your days off work.