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Frequently Asked Questions

In this page we answer for you the most commonly incurred questions that customers have. Reading them will help you understand some of the more fundamental elements.

We cover the whole of the UK & overseas upon request. With incalls being made by our Birmingham escorts only. You can request an outcall in any part of the UK as needed, as well as requesting international travel companions where applicable. Our main base is the Midlands, but we can offer longer bookings outside of this area of course. If you need a VIP escort in your local area, please call us to discuss your requirements and we will gladly assist you where possible.

Indeed they are! We see no point in using false or heavy edited photos. After all you want to meet these ladies in real life! So we make a very big point on ensuring in every possible way, that the photos are authentic. Tattoos are sometimes removed for privacy reasons, that is all. But we inform you on the profiles that they have said tattoos. So your fully informed.

Sure you can! Just call us and we can take care of it for you. Many of our clients book in advance, to ensure they do not miss out on their required reservation.

You can make a booking by calling us on: 0121 663 1211

You can fully view our prices on the prices page.

Click here to view it.

Yes of course you can. If you have particular requirements, then please do not be shy in making the request! We can guarantee you that the request is ALWAYS passed to the escort in full. Our system prevents it from not being passed. So if at any time you do make a request and the escort says she was not told. Then please report it to us straight away!


You can pay in cash, £gbp only within the first few minutes of your appointment. Its always better to get this out of the way first. Never be offended if your escort counts the money. Sadly not everyone is so honest about these things and some try to cheat the escort. So she has to check it.

Its also possible to pay by discreet bank transfers. If the booking is out of town or long distance for the escort to travel. Then a deposit is normally paid in advance by bank transfer in any event. If your a regular, then we can wave the deposit on certain occasions. If anything should go wrong with the appointment and the escort is unable to attend, which is highly unlikely, any deposit paid can be held on account or returned to you free of charge.


We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.