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There are no other Stafford escort agencies that can compare with VIP escorts. Featured here are the most visually impressive eye candies that the area has to offer. VIP Stafford escort agency has stunning female companions who are considered to be healthier, more attractive and more desirable. Statistically, most clients seek to spend time with radiant, slender female companion who have the physical characteristics that fit societies view of attractiveness. VIP Stafford escorts are very much in demand. Whilst each VIP escort is stunning, they are all completely different to spend time with. We have VIP escorts with different skin colours, nationalities, cultures and heritages. All with friendly and fun personalities. With each escort offering a different personalised experience. VIP Stafford escort agency can guarantee that there is a perfect playmate that every client will find arousing to look at.

When a client views the profiles of adult entertainers in Stafford, the first thing that is noticed is the overall appearance and body in the photographs. Particularly because of the fact that a lot of adult work providers blur their faces in photographs for privacy reasons. Therefore, it is the body of the potential playmate that initially most clients are attracted to. According to clients who prefer slim Stafford escorts, these companions look better in clothes, sexy lingerie and naked. This is not a shallow opinion of bigger bodies. Each and every client has their own preferences of a Stafford companion and that should be respected. It is also not referring to emaciated bodies where the escort is obviously ill or is suffering from an eating disorder. It is with regards to slim bodies who obviously exercise, eat healthy and watch their diet.

There are reasons why escorts in Stafford like to keep a trim figure and why clients enjoy being with them. When a VIP Stafford escort feels physically good, it gives them confidence and strong self-esteem. These qualities are an attractive trait and makes clients want to spend time with them. Slim VIP escorts in Stafford are allegedly more agile in the bedroom or physical activities. Therefore, it makes them more active and fun to be around. This has a knock-on effect to body odor. Slim escorts perspire less during activities because there is no excess skin to decrease air flow around the body. Body odour during a private session can be a turn-off for most clients. Thus, making slim escorts in Stafford more appealing because they always smell pleasant.

To be classified as slim, this is a general observation. Obviously if an escort is tall, they may appear to be slimmer in comparison to escort who is the same dress size. Different styles of clothing can make an escort appear slimmer. Also be aware that we do not edit their escort´s profile photographs to appear slimmer. Escorts should also be honest in their profiles if they have gained significant weight from when their profile photos were taken. We know that if a client has specifically booked her because he requires a slim Stafford escort, then the client will be very disappointed if this is not the case. It could result in a negative review.

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