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When you become an escort, it doesn’t always have the same privileges. Depending on which escort agency vacancies you apply for. Like all businesses in life, some are better than others. Some will respect and appreciate you for who you are. Whereas others will see you as a money source for their own benefit. Some will try to get you escort work, but just don’t have the number of clients to offer you a regular income.

Some girls for this reason decided to work independently which has many disadvantages. Answering your own phones during so-called free time. Paying your own business bills and renting your own apartment to work from. Meeting strangers who have not been vetted. Worst of all having nobody to confide in as to where you are going and who you are meeting. This is exactly where working in the escort industry gets a bad reputation.

Therefore, it is important to become an escort with a trusted and established Derby escort agency. One that can provide you with high class escort jobs. No upfront costs. Furthermore, a safe and happy working environment. Where you don’t have to worry about anything thing. Other than concentrating on entertaining adults and getting high earnings. Moreover, the most important factor, people who know where you are, who you are with. Including a private driver for security available to pick you up, take you to adult jobs and get you home safely.

We appreciate that many girls who work at escort agency jobs, prefer to keep it a secret. They may not wish to tell family or friends that they are working as an escort. Therefore, we ensure your true identity will always remain a secret. We are the go-between for escorts and clients. So they can still enjoy themselves together, without ever having to disclose any details about themselves. Your face and distinctive tattoo can be blurred on your profile. You can choose an alias working name. Your clients will never have your personal phone number, to which they could extract personal information from.

We can offer you fantastic rates of pay. Unlike other adult work providers in Derby, we have very low advertising costs. Which is to be paid after each booking that we have made for you. You can choose flexible hours which can be changed week by week. Meaning you can work part time, full time or alternate. Work extra hours when you require some more cash for that new car. When you have achieved the finances you require, work less.

To become an escort, you can apply online. Use the form to provide us with your details and photos. Please ensure your photos are of you looking your best! Lingerie, classy dresses and heels are ideal. With hair, makeup and nails beautifully presented. These photos can be used if you require an immediate start. Include any previous work that you have done, which could benefit your application. However, we appreciate that you may have experience in other ways. For example, we regularly have applications from girls who love one-night stands and have decided they want to be paid for it. We look forward to reviewing your application in due course!