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Modern day women find job hunting extremely difficult. They struggle to find suitable jobs which balances family life, hours and good pay. We often see nowadays that women are sacrificing getting married or having children. Sometimes until the age of 40 years plus, to focus on their careers. Ensuring that they are not hindered in the ladder to be promoted within the company. Unfortunately, females face many hurdles when it comes to finding jobs, compared to their male counter parts.

For employers, they risk assess female workers. To foresee whether they could become an inconvenience to the business. Such as taking time off for maternity leave. Needing time off for family obligations or childcare issues. Often unknowingly, female workers are instantly discriminated against. Repeatedly, not even getting an interview based on her personal commitments. At the other end of the spectrum, mature ladies are considered to be out of touch with technology. Having the possibilities of health issues. Or too experienced, requiring a higher salary.

For those who are fortunate to fit into the category of a perfect employee. Who do get the job within the business. It can often be challenging for her colleges to accept her. If she is seen as competent, she isn’t liked. If she is strong and assertive, she is a bitch. If she over dresses, she is inappropriately dressed. Or can be subjected to sexual harassment. If she under dresses, she doesn’t look like a businesswoman. It’s a case of finally getting a job, but then struggling to fit in.

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